About the technology


We introduce ConnecTVty.

Enjoy your favorite content in a way never seen before.

With just your phone and by simply taking a picture of your TV screen, access an endless set of features. Share in social networks, get more information, easily buy products... These are just examples of what you can do with ConnecTVty.

For content producers, we offer a web platform to manage the content shown in the app. Also, ConnecTVty counts with its own APP, as well as an API for integrating the technology in your existing APP.

What is ConnecTVty?
  • Share

    Share your favourite TV programs on you phone.

  • Learn

    Get more information about the different TV programs.

  • Buy

    Easily buy products in the fastest way known to date.

  • Connect

    Discover the linked content and take part in the program.

  • Experiment

    Discover all of what ConnecTVty has to offer.

  • Enjoy

    Welcome to the new interactive visual experience.


Contact us:

‭Adrián: 696 83 85 10

‭Office: 968 41 71 24

‭Calle Berlín, Parcela 3F, Edificio CEEIC, Oficina 1.11, 30353 Cartagena, Murcia


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